10 avril 2007

At last...

A bit of time to upgrade this blog. I've been upgrading my French blog with pictures but never had time for two.  So here is a little overview of what I did since last time.

Thrift shopping

Dscf1002 Dscf0996 ventebiblio


Dscf1031 Dscf1029



Sewing and making jewelry for swaps

Dscf0912 Dscf0916 Dscf0844

I was also gifted with those from 2 swaps

SwapethnicDominique Dscf1006

I still have two swaps in the making, am working on my garb for my brother's medieval wedding, made beads, am working on some beadwork... and am out of breath; all this while Mr. Atkins diet is doing marvels on my blood sugar and general health.

That's what I call a synthesis!

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  • You are alive! and busy busy! omg that beaded purse is to DIE FOR!

    Posté par Jen da Purse Ho, 10 avril 2007 à 17:06 | | Répondre
  • my goodness girl you have been busy! Love the embroidery.

    Posté par Amanda Cathleen, 10 avril 2007 à 20:14 | | Répondre
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