18 février 2007

A quick project

Sometimes I need just that, a quick project that make me feel like I actually did something of my time.  When a whole week goes by and I have nothing to show, I feel useless.

The French magazine Idées had the perfect project for me.  A dishcloth bag.  Useful, ecological, reusable...what more can we ask for?  Done with 2 dishcloths there is a leftover big enough to make a wine bag.  Next time I have a little gift to bring to a friend, that will be presented in this bag.

Dscf0788 Dscf0791 Dscf0794

Dscf0790 Dscf0789

Now I am on the lookout for the cutest dishcloths I can find.

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Commentaires sur A quick project

    How disappointing that your fuzzy feet got holes! But I don't think you'd like the feel of the SWS on your feet. It felts very bumpy. I like your dishcloth/dish towel bags. Cute idea for gift packaging.

    Posté par Christy J, 20 février 2007 à 19:53 | | Répondre
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