27 janvier 2007

Cold you say? You can say it again!

The coldest day of the winter! BRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Time to stay home and knit. 

Gladly, this temperature didn't prevent the mailman from coming to deliver some new yarn I ordered from Rochelle at Grand River Yarns. Never had such a FAST service and am very happy with what I got.  I mailed payment on January 17 and had my order this morning, less than 10 days including the week-end! 

I got this wonderful Zephyr wool-silk in the Juniper color and it's already in use to become this Été Indien easy shawl.  No pic of the shawl yet since it's only in it's first rows.


Also got this neat cotton blend, already in cakes which saves me a lot of time.  Those cakes are big, 250 grams each so enough for a big scarf or small shawl. 

cottontexture StashEnhancementeXperience

Happy Day!

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Commentaires sur Cold you say? You can say it again!

    OOOOOH...that's NIIIICE cake!

    Posté par Jen da Purse Ho, 27 janvier 2007 à 04:40 | | Répondre
  • I liked working with the Zephyr wool silk on my Swallowtail Scarf. The yarn is so fine, and the yardage is amazing! I checked your shawl pattern. It's going to look great.

    Posté par Christy J, 31 janvier 2007 à 04:35 | | Répondre
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