23 janvier 2007

Now that's winter!

We finally had snow… too much snow and cold.  Winter is slowing  me down.  I just feel like cuddling under a quilt and even though my head is full of new ideas, mostly for bags,  laziness win most of the time.

I made two fabric bags. The first one was just for the fun of it and the second one, to use with my knitting project so it needed to be long enough for my needles to fit in. 

sac_orange sac_vert

Well, my old metal needles fit but not the bamboo ones so I draw another pattern and will sew it as soon as I have time.

Beside the sewing, I  crocheted a hat for the 12 Accessories knit along.  I won’t wear it as no hat fit me well but it will be put in a craft basket that will be raffled in April.  The hat was crocheted from a Dot pattern using some Galway I had in my stash… you know, using stash yarn like in destashing…

By chance, I didn’t commit to any Destashing project…phew.  I couldn’t resist getting a couple of skeins of wool-mohair from Angora des Neiges, a small company in the Laurentian Mountains.  Then, while going out with a friend, she drove me to a shop where they sell Patons so I had to buy at least a little… got 2 balls of 100% wool and 2 balls of  Kroy sock yarn.  Not my fault, she drove. 

laineangora patonslaine

So nothing is forgotten, I also lighted the torch and came up with a few beads.  I have a hard time taking good bead pictures with my camera so those are the only ones that came out not too bad.

safetybeads spacers yellow_green

Finally, looking back, the week wasn't so bad!  That's beside the sample I did for the crazy quilting embellishing class I'll teach next monday and believe it or not, I even did some housechores and laundry.

Have a nice week


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Commentaires sur Now that's winter!

    your bags are so beautiful!

    Posté par Jen da Purse Ho, 23 janvier 2007 à 04:00 | | Répondre
  • wow, look how busy you've been. everything looks great! the bags are especially beautiful

    Posté par maryse, 23 janvier 2007 à 13:28 | | Répondre
  • look at you go girl! Great bags, I'm loven the shape of them. Lovely beads, great job!!! : )

    Posté par Amanda Cathleen, 04 février 2007 à 02:35 | | Répondre
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